Grant Lake sure is pretty but I don't think I want to swim in it!

Jackson in the City



  Woof, honk, honk, people rolling by on funny wheels and I am not talking about bicycles, I know what they are, and all kinds of weird noises. That’s what I think of places called cities. All that plus all of the strange smells are what I first experienced. Cars, trucks, and big things called a bus go up and down the roads and there are so many of them. What are they all doing? Most times we just drive through the cities without stopping. Sometimes we are on the big roads and there are a lot of cars and trucks and all you can see is road. Other times we drive through streets lined with buildings and I see people out walking.

  The other day when we were on our walk in Oakland I started wondering where all these people were going and what were they doing. We spend a lot of the outdoors and I have only lived in small towns. I had no idea there were so many people. Especially all in one place like this, most of them seem to be in a big hurry so they must be important or have something important to do. I know when Matt has something important sometimes he gets in a hurry.

Crossing a busy street in Oakland.
What are all these buildings used for?

  When we walk in the city it is different when we cross the road. Usually all we have to do is look both ways and wait until traffic is clear. In the city you have to push buttons and then the lights tell you to wait. Next it beeps until it is okay to cross. Plus there are signs that let you know when it is safe to cross too.

Crossing a busy street in Oakland.
Crossing a busy street in Oakland.

   We did find a nice park next to a lake where we could get away from all of the hectic running around a little. I did see a lot of other dogs out with their people enjoying their day. On our way back we did stop in a couple of stores. One was sort of boring; all it had were clothes that had been worn by other people. Another store we went in smelled wonderful. I could smell it before we crossed the street and I was hoping we were going there. Matt said it was a bakery and he bought some stuff. He did let me have what he called donut holes. I thought he was crazy, they weren’t holes, they are balls and they taste good! People have such strange names for things though, woof!

Grant Lake sure is pretty but I don't think I want to swim in it!
Grant Lake sure is pretty but I don’t think I want to swim in it!

  When we were walking back to where we were staying I saw a lot of children out with their parents so even more people were out walking. Matt told be the schools had let the children out for the day. I asked him what the children do at school and he said it was like when we train for my service work but a lot harder. Woof, I think I will just stay with service work!

Our campground at Pinnacles National Park.
Our campground at Pinnacles National Park.

  While I do like the city because it is different I still prefer to be outdoors in the woods or wilderness. I’ll be writing from somewhere out there next.

7 thoughts on “Jackson in the City”

  1. Awesome adventures Jackson. I love the perspective (view) from your camera. Seems to me to be more eye level. Ha, I’m a short person. Really like sharing these trips with you and your sir. This is an amazing thing to be able to do. Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

  2. Very interesting! I don’t think you’re a city dog though. Too much noise and too many people walking around getting in the way. Hopefully you won’t have to spend a lot of time there. Stay safe!

  3. I am a country lady with 2 country dogs, none of us like cities !!! I understand how you must feel… Cash loves people. trees and bushes..He is afraid of the dark.. Lemon (Nim Nim) is afraid of people but loves walks in the woods.. They loved your post .. 🙂

  4. Woof Jackson.. You have the best life and dad .. You have a wonderful trip.. Ya’ll be safe !!!


  5. Im really a cat person (im owned by Syco the calico) but i like your human so i figured id follow your blog and see if i could like a dog. Good story . Oakland not my favorite city. San Jose has the flea market from heaven tho. Good travels.

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