I'm a sad Jackson.

R&R Part II; and not the fun kind!


  Woof my last blog was about rest and relaxation, this time my blog is still about R&R but this time it is rest and recuperation. I must mention here as I have on my Facebook page I was trying to hide the fact I was hurt, but Matt is too observant and took me to the doctor to find out what was wrong. Matt’s truck is a tall one and sometimes I misjudge my jumps. On one of our last trips I fell when I didn’t quite make the jump into the front and ended up on my back. That hurt but I didn’t say anything and acted like I was fine, but oh it did hurt to walk. The doctor took pictures called X-rays of my leg and shoulder. She told us there was no damage to my bones and no signs of bone cancer. Both of us were relieved and Matt said he hadn’t even thought of bone cancer. The doctor said she was worried about that but didn’t want to say anything. She explained to us I have either a muscle or tendon injury and I have to take it easy for at least two weeks.

I'm a sad Jackson.
I’m a sad Jackson.

  Well with all that fuss now I am restricted to just potty walks and can only go downstairs from our room twice a day so I stay downstairs for part of the day. Woof, this is so boring, butt Matt tells me it is necessary to help things heal. He does spend a lot of time with me, but we can’t play ball, or go for our walks, or go swimming, or the dog park, or anything! Matt rearranged his room so there is more floor space and moved my bed and added more cushioning to it because he doesn’t want me to jump up on the big bed because it’s high off the floor. I do get massages and treats but it is still boring. The only plus side I can think of is I have more time to work on my photographs, videos, and blog.

Me on a hike in the mountains.
Me on a hike in the mountains..

  I hope we can go on a trip soon I haven’t even gone on a truck ride since went to the doctor’s office. Matt keeps telling me we will go soon but he is waiting for an okay by my doctor. I get tired of Matt’s music too. I would rather hear the wind, rushing water, birds, or something outdoors. Well I do get to go out in the yard and lie down in the sun, but it’s been cloudy the last couple of days so I only get to sniff around the yard and, well, you know what.

You can get all kinds of stuff with my photo on it, or you can even buy photos of mine at www.matthewirvin.com!
You can get all kinds of stuff with my photo on it, or you can even buy photos of mine at www.matthewirvin.com!

  Woof, that’s enough complaining and I just have to get better! Oh since I am here at the house all day long I decided it’s time for another Photo Dog Jackson mug Mug Contest. I’ll have some details about it on Friday (8/9/19.) Plus I am making a compilation video from my very first one. I should have that ready next week!

4 thoughts on “R&R Part II; and not the fun kind!”

  1. So very sorry about your jumping mishap! Happily you have other projects to work on. Please listen to Matt. You will be up and running soon. Though it may take a few more weeks. You doc will know.
    Love you to the moon and back.
    The head shot is awesome!! You are very handsome.

  2. Jackson pup, I must be in a sentimental mood because this made me cry a little. I don’t want you to be sad and I am glad you don’t have some more serious wrong. Just keep writing to us and you can share your boredom too. Today is a day I feel a little bored too. Hearing from you perked me me up. But, I see it’s you that needs perking up! Probably seems to you that you will be confined forever, doesn’t it? Well, your dad can tell you it won’t be much longer. You’re blessed to have a dad that cares so much for you that he doesn’t want to take any unnecessary chances that might result in your getting hurt again. And your dad is blessed to have such a wonderfully patient and understanding pup as you, Jackson. I hope your dad reads all the notes you get to you so you’ll know how much you are loved by people from all around!

    1. Woof, even though this says Matt is answering it used to be his website before I took it over. Thank you so much for your comment Connie, I really appreciate it. I read this to him and he said thank you!

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