The Final Adventure


Woof, as you read this I have probably already crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I wrote this last night and this morning to post after the event and I am keeping it pretty short. Things have really slowed down for me several weeks ago when I got so sick I could barely move but I got a little better. I really had a hard time eating food until Matt started cooking hamburger and eggs chopping them up real fine so I can swallow them and that tasted so good, but now even that really isn’t satisfying me and I don’t want to eat all my food.  All the swelling I had is almost gone but I have small bumps all over and that had Matt very worried. I really didn’t feel like doing much other than going down the stairs to go out for a few minutes, use the bathroom, look around at what was happening, and then go back up to our home. Most of the time I sleep and Matt is by my side a lot when I wake up he is right by me a lot of the time. Years ago Matt was sick with the cancer and I stayed by him and Matt says now I have it but with mine it is too bad to fix. Matt has been doing his best not to cry, I hate to see him so sad, I don’t know what to do about that. He tried his best not to do it around me but I know he was and is hurting inside.

Matt said I will be seeing Maverick soon, it’s been a long time since I have seen him and I still miss him. I’m looking forward to seeing him and all the dogs that have been in Matt’s life. I was hoping to have some more time to have adventures with Matt but that isn’t possible. I have really enjoyed sharing my life and adventures with everyone and I hope you won’t be too sad, it’s time for me to say farewell…






PS – I want to end this on a happier note, These photographs below are the fist Matt ever took of me and of our first adventure. All of these were taken in August 2010. We started out having adventures right after I adopted Matt.

This was the first day I met Matt after I adopted him at the shelter. He was visiting his sister in the NC mountains. She went to the shelter looking for a puppy and I got Matt (she didn’t have a dog adopt her.)

Only a week later we got to go on our first camping trip together in the Virginia mountains. We got to go hiking and romping in open fields of flowers and were our all day.

Of course there were creeks and water involved we had a blast!

Even Maverick had a great time, he was still young enough to run around and chase sticks and I wish I had told you some stories about how he liked to swim. He was crazy about it, crazier than I was about my ball and toys.

Well now I must say goodbye!

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  1. I am so very sorry, Matt. I have lost so many precious ones over 70 years. But I truly believe we will see them again. Prayers for your comfort.

    1. I am so sorry. What a beautiful friend he was. I feel so very sad now. I have had to say goodbye to a few of my Fur Babies and it broke my heart. I feel the same about Jackson. Thoughts are with you.

  2. Sweet Jackson, I am so glad you and Matt shared your adventures with us.. You were very special and will be greatly missed.

    1. Matt, I know how heartbreaking it is to say goodbye. I said goodbye to my Anya last Thursday. Jackson as well as Anya are running around chasing balls. We can take comfort in knowing they are free of pain and no it does lessen the heartache of losing a pet. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Oh, my! I will miss you so much. And I know Matt is heartbroken. I’m reading your last blog with tears in my eyes. But I know you are healthy now and playing with Maverick. God bless you and Matt. ❤️

  4. Jackson, enjoy your life across the Rainbow Bridge; you will not hurt anymore. Matt will continue to love you always.

  5. Matt, My beloved Aunt, Henrietta Murray, followed you and Jackson on every adventure. She spoke of you like you were her next door neighbor. Sadly, she passed away in December, also with cancer. I know that she would be very sorry to hear this news about Jackson, so, on her behalf, I wish you love and comfort. Please know how much she enjoyed Jackson and hearing about all you did together.

  6. Sweet Jackson I’m so glad you found Matt and I have enjoyed reading all about your trips and adventures RIP

  7. Goodbye, Jackson. It was a pleasure knowing you, even if it was only through your calendars and this blog. Happy crossing.

  8. I knew by your previous post this would be good bye. You are now playing with your friends and pain free. We will all miss you and your adventures with Matt.
    We will keep Matt company. We will never forget you.

  9. Jackson, I was so glad to meet you when you came to Michigan to visit. Watching you dive into Lake Michigan was so fun and you were such a good dog. You and Matt made a great team. I know he feels really bad. It’s hard to lose you. You must feel a lot better now and that somehow makes it a little better. I will miss you and your posts on here and Facebook. .XOXO

  10. Matt, I’m so sorry. Our fur babies are part of our family and will be in our hearts for ever and ever. I loved following your and Jackson’s adventures and taking care of each other.
    On a lightet note, you know Jackson would not want you to be alone. Until your next adventure, take care, God bless and stay safe.

  11. Jackson, I will always remember you running on an Oregon beach and walking on the New River Trail and the wonderful pictures you shared with us and that Matt shared of you. Like all the canine friends I have loved, you own a piece of my heart. Like Matt, I look forward to the day when I cross the Rainbow Bridge and can see you and and all of them again. Meanwhile, I will think of you romping with Maverick and Doc and Kitty and all the others. All of us who followed your blog will miss you so much, but we are glad you are well and happy now.

  12. Thank you Jackson for the fun adventures and being our guide! You’re now our shining light from above! I can see you running and playing in that beautiful meadow with all your friends! As for your time here, Well Done, my friend! My thoughts and prayers are with you Matt.

  13. Matt, I’m sorry to hear of Jackson’s passing. Y’all’s adventures together brought so much happiness to so many people. Jackson will be missed by all. I pray that you can find peace knowing he had such a wonderful life and was well loved, you took great care of him. ❤️

  14. Farewell, Jackson. You will be missed by so many of us. You were a treasure of a great friend to Matt and to us all. Play hard and rest easy now. If you see my Girl, give her a rub on the head for us.

  15. Well Jackson, when you get there, be sure to say Hi to my Maddy. she could have been your twin. And Matt, I am so sorry for your loss. Our greatest treasures are our friends and I know your treasure box is full!

  16. Thank you, Jackson, for sharing so many of your adventures with us! You and Matt have certainly enjoyed so many parks, beaches, mountains and landscapes! I love your calendars and your blogs. I and so many others will wish you well across the rainbow bridge – May you have fun playing with a Maverick again. We will watch after Matt, because he has not only been a great friend for you, but to us as well. Happy trails, Jackson! With love, Liz.

  17. Jackson was a fine dog and friend to you Matt, what great adventures you have shared together. I am so glad to have got to know you both through you sharing your photos with us. I loved when Jackson got his own camera and started taking pictures even while swimming. We are all going to miss him so much.

  18. What a wonderful companion you have been, Jackson! I’m glad I had a chance to read your posts and to feel like I knew you, too. I know Matt is sad. I understand. I had to say good-bye to my almost 21-year – old kitty in April, and then I had to say good-bye to my husband’s best four-legged friend in May. It was really hard because I’d said good-bye to my husband in October. His best friend never stopped grieving for him. I do believe they are together now and that both are well and happy. One day you’ll be reunited with Matt. Until then, remember how much you were loved by so many.

  19. When you made a brief stop of Facebook today and asked us to read this later in the day I felt you were making your crossover the Rainbow Bridge. You will miss Matt I know but you will be very happy there. Maverick and other’s will greet you. I have fur babies there too.
    Even though from afar, knowing you, has been so fun Jackson. Matt is such a good human as you know. It will be hard for him I know but he will keep going and will see you again one day. ??This is what I believe. I will miss you – ❤️ ?

  20. What a beautiful friend you have both been to each other. Matt, Jackson will want you to remember all the good stuff most of all. He loved you every day and will live in your heart ❤️ and mind forever. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us all. We all know Jackson was a well loved dog. He will be missed by us all. Jackson wants us all to keep you in our prayers and to be sure to keep checking in to see you and your beautiful photography of your journeys.

  21. Jackson you were a very special Baby for Matt. I am so glad you adopted him so you could take care of him. I just wish I could have met you in person. I did enjoy looking at all the pictures on yours and Matt Adventures. I know how bad Matt feels right now without you. I have been crying for Matt because now his best friend is gone. I know you will have a good time in Heaven with Maverick and the others that Matt has had. I know you will all run to him when his time comes which is not for a long time. You will be missed Jackson by so many people that followed you but mostly by Matt.

  22. Dear Matt,
    I’m so sad that Jackson is gone, I always enjoyed his blogs and know that you were the one who kept him alive when he was so sick. Please accept my deepest sympathies to you. I believe he is with Maverick and probably has met my little, Peanut already. He was a terrific dog and the photos you’ve shown are wonderful. Bless you and Bless Jackson. Take care.

  23. I am shedding tears as I read! What a beautiful life and unconditional love shared by you and Jackson! Life was an adventure ❤️ You will meet again one day but for now Jackson is pain free running the fields across the Rainbow Bridge❤️ My heart breaks for you, as I send my deepest sympathy and hugs!

  24. Jackson you and Matt had such a special connection and a special connection with your followers. This is a very sad time as you will no longer be physically at Matt’s side but you will always be in his heart and we don’t get to see you and your adventures. Thankfully Matt has tons of great memories. It is also a joyful time as we know you now have no more pain and are running around playing and happy until you and Matt meet again. We will all pray for your daddy.

  25. I’m so sad for your loss but happy for the wonderful memories we will have of you and Jackson. Praying for your peace.

  26. Oh Matt,
    Love and kisses on all of your boo-boos… Jackson’s crossing breaks my heart for you. I know he is in a better place and pain free now. If you need someone, I’m someone. Take good and patient care of yourself during this difficult time. Love to you, Laura

  27. I’m so sorry Matt. I will miss seeing Jackson and you on your latest adventures. Remember the good times.

  28. Adios Traveler Jackson! Wishing you meadows full of butterflies to chase, and streams to play in, and trails to hike. Love & hugs from Me & The Furry Purrhannas.

  29. When George ran over the rainbow bridge there was no more cancer but I knew he lived much longer than anyone thought reasonable because he loved us so much. I often thought when I read your posts how difficult it would be when Jackson took his run. No dog for us now. Maybe one day but I just can’t forget his sweet face and funky cocker smell and the way he and the cat played. I’m very sorry Matt. Xoxo

  30. My boys Pippin and Sirius have been across the Rainbow Bridge for a few years now, they know the ropes and will welcome you to your new home. Run free sweet boy. <3

  31. I didn’t ever talk to you even though I am your neighbor across the way in apartment 8. But I smiled because you had a very good dog and you seemed like you have a kind Heart. I am so sorry for your loss of your dog. I had a loss of my Cat Sasha last May. She had Diabetes and she got to sick for me to get the medicine for her. I had her put to sleep. Maybe Jackson and my Cat Sasha will meet eachother at the Rainbow Bridge. I will try to give you more waves or ask you how your doing or even just a smile. Me and my Room mate live in Apartment 8. I hope your new dog is doing well.

    1. Thank you Heidi, thank you so much, losing Jackson was very hard and his cancer came up very fast. He was a kind and loyal dog that adopted me when I wasn’t looking for a dog (I already had one at the time.) He got me through a lot of hard times and became my service dog aiding me hiking on trails. I am so sorry to hear about your cat, it is so hard to lose our furry loved-ones.I would be glad to wave & also talk. Odee is short for Oregon Dog as he is my first Oregon dog. He is a shelter dog I got in Tangent (close to Albany) and is about nine-months-old so he is still quite a puppy. He is a handful but a very smart dog that wants to play with every person and dog he meets.

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