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The Final Adventure

Woof, as you read this I have probably already crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I wrote this last night and this morning to post after the event and I am keeping it pretty short. Things have really slowed down for me several weeks ago when I got so sick I could barely move but I got a little better. I really had a hard time eating food until Matt started cooking hamburger and eggs chopping them up real fine so I can swallow them and that tasted so good, but now even that really isn’t satisfying me and I don’t want to eat all my food.  All the swelling I had is almost gone but I have small bumps all over and that had Matt very worried. I really didn’t feel like doing much other than going down the stairs to go out for a few minutes, use the bathroom, look around at what was happening, and then go back up to our home. Most of the time I sleep and Matt is by my side a lot when I wake up he is right by me a lot of the time. Years ago Matt was sick with the cancer and I stayed by him and Matt says now I have it but with mine it is too bad to fix. Matt has been doing his best not to cry, I hate to see him so sad, I don’t know what to do about that. He tried his best not to do it around me but I know he was and is hurting inside.

Matt said I will be seeing Maverick soon, it’s been a long time since I have seen him and I still miss him. I’m looking forward to seeing him and all the dogs that have been in Matt’s life. I was hoping to have some more time to have adventures with Matt but that isn’t possible. I have really enjoyed sharing my life and adventures with everyone and I hope you won’t be too sad, it’s time for me to say farewell…






PS – I want to end this on a happier note, These photographs below are the fist Matt ever took of me and of our first adventure. All of these were taken in August 2010. We started out having adventures right after I adopted Matt.

This was the first day I met Matt after I adopted him at the shelter. He was visiting his sister in the NC mountains. She went to the shelter looking for a puppy and I got Matt (she didn’t have a dog adopt her.)

Only a week later we got to go on our first camping trip together in the Virginia mountains. We got to go hiking and romping in open fields of flowers and were our all day.

Of course there were creeks and water involved we had a blast!

Even Maverick had a great time, he was still young enough to run around and chase sticks and I wish I had told you some stories about how he liked to swim. He was crazy about it, crazier than I was about my ball and toys.

Well now I must say goodbye!